Warning: Pregnancy induced hormonal vent to follow

Admittedly, I have tried to bottle up some of my emotions, but I have reached the point where if I don’t ooze them out I am literally going to explode. Anger, frustration, anxiety… I’m being consumed by them all.

So here goes…..

38 weeks IUGR


My induction date has been moved up to February 2nd.  The day we hit 39 weeks.

The OB, to whom I was referred, decided to delay his recommendation of a 38 week induction based on improved growth, however having reviewed the lab reports yesterday, I can report that no improvement in growth exists.  Not only that, after mentioning my observations to the obstetrician he chastised me claiming that he had preferred to induce me at 38 weeks the entire time, but it was I who declined having an induction at 38 weeks.  Say wha? I never once declined.  Initially, I did question his rationale behind changing his recommendation from 39 to 38 weeks, which made him quite irate. Quite being a gargantuan understatement.  Never have I ever had such an intense confrontation with an obstetrician in my entire life, or with anyone really.  Online, more than I would care to admit, but in real life, never.  Apparently the man is not used to women questioning his judgement.  However, it is important to note that questioning why does not equate to objecting. I had actually left that appointment fully content to induce earlier and go ahead and have baby at 38 weeks.

But then at my next NST/BPP appointment at 37+3, that same OB came in and said “Baby looks very happy, come back on Tuesday (the day I would turn 38 weeks) for another NST.”  My response “But what about the plans for induction?”  The OB’s reply “Baby’s growth improved and is now at the 8th percentile and the umbilical cord resistance is better, I think waiting for 39 weeks would be fine now.  Just be sure to come back on Tuesday for a NST.”

^^^ That apparently, was me objecting to an induction at 38 weeks



I have come to the conclusion and am now fairly certain that his change in recommendations was not so much the result of a change of circumstance, but rather I annoy him and it was his preference not attend my delivery.  Coincidentally, he’s not scheduled to work on L&D the day I turn 39 weeks. The day he has scheduled my induction.

Fortunately, baby is doing well despite the crappy size measurements.  Amniotic fluid levels have remained perfect, the NST’s have been fine, baby has been passing the BPP’s with flying colors and the fetal movement has remained normal. All very reassuring things, but I still hate the fact that baby is still measuring IUGR, worse yet that the growth is now plateauing as opposed to staying consistently on the curve. Small isn’t near as worrisome when they stay on their curve. I don’t like that baby has begun to deviate off. But I’ve been praying and keeping track of fetal movement and waiting.

Tuesday feels like it’s forever away.