37 Weeks Pregnant!

37 weeks pregnant

I’m term!  Time has just flown by! Somewhat.  Despite the fact that week 5 through to 20 felt as though they took years to trudge through, it seems like it was only yesterday I hit that 20 week halfway mark.    Baby can officially come out any time now and if it doesn’t decide to come out on it’s own accord very soon, it appears as though it’s going to be evicted.  We’re still measuring below the 10th percentile and subsequently we’re looking at a possible IUGR diagnosis.  For that reason, we’re planning to induce at 38 weeks.  Initially, I was intending on going to 39 weeks, but many factors have resulted in redirection.

I would love to go into labour naturally sometime in the next few days, but given my history of consistently going postdates the likelihood of that happening is fairly low.

On a bright note, baby has turned and stayed cephalic.  The breech tilt really does work and it worked quite quickly and effectively.  While hanging out upside for twenty minutes did give me one hell of a headache, it was worth it to avoid a cesarean.

Now off to bed I go. I have a big day of NSTs, BPPs and last minute baby shopping to do tomorrow.