Alas, I have returned!  I have been meaning to blog, I have been wanting to blog, however procrastination has had it’s teeth dug deep.  Finally, I have freed myself and to think it only took a year or two.

I come bearing many updates…


I am pregnant!  We’re due in February making me 18 weeks. Thus far, the pregnancy has been a miserable uneventful one.  Uneventful is good though I can’t help but complain of the nausea.  It hit like a brick wall at around 6 weeks and it’s only been in the last 2-3 weeks that I am experiencing the occasional morning sickness free moment. Occasional, as in most of the time I still can’t even stomach the thought of food let alone be able to eat it.  Right now I am experiencing a morning sickness free moment and let me tell you it is bliss!


9 weeks + 3 days


I was finally diagnosed with Von Willebrand’s Disease.  More on that later….


My parents have moved to the other side of the country.  All the more reason to start blogging again.  It appears as though this relocation of theirs will result in some travel in our future.  We, as in the kids and I (hubby stayed at home), partook in our first adventure out east in June.  Never have I traveled alone with the children such great distance so it truly was an experience, albeit a very rewarding one.  We look forward to our future trips!


We also moved.  We’re still renting (le sigh), but we’re now in a much bigger home that is far more functional.  I commend all those who make tiny spaces work, but squishing 5 people in an ill laid out 800 sq foot bungalow was just too claustrophobic for me.  With that said, 2000 sq feet is a little more than what we actually require.  That and heating it is a b*tch.  We’re still searching for our first home to call our own.  There’s one we have our eye on, although at present it lies just slightly out of our price range.  Perhaps in time, if we continue saving and their desperation to sell grows something will come of it.


We purchased an RV!  It’s a fixer upper, but she runs.  Now I’m one step closer to becoming nomadic, not that that will ever actually happen, but a girl can dream!


My babies are all growing up.  This has come somewhat as a shock to me.  I always knew it was going to happen, but I never expected it to come so soon!   My oldest is now in grade 9, that would equate to him being in high school if he weren’t being homeschooled.  High school?!?!  How did that happen?!?!  Worse yet, my littlest guy is now of age to go to kindergarten.  Of course, he is being homeschooled as well, but just the thought of him being old enough to go to school is mind blowing and a little bit numbing.  If only I could freeze time and keep them little for just a little while longer…