Once again, I have found myself completely and utterly exhausted.  So much to do.  So little time to do it.  I feel like a mess.  There’s always someone here.  Speech therapists for Peanut.  Speech therapists for KyKy.  Developmental workers for Peanut.  Service coordinators for Peanut.  And when people aren’t here, we’re out there at occupational therapy appointments, pediatrician appointments, optometrist appointments.  And that’s just the kids ‘stuff,’ throw in my time at the chiropractors, dentist and doctors and I’m here left rugged struggling to stay afloat.  Even so, I still must trudge on and attend playgroups and homeschool meets and remember to take the children to and from scouts, girl guides, art classes, and dance.  And in those oh so brief moments of blissful unscheduled time I find myself shoveling mounds upon mounds of school work into the very creatures who have brought me such chaos.  Bliss often turns to frustration. 


I feel as though we’re in desperate need of a vacation.  I had planned to incorporate March Break into our schedule as an official break from school work and appointments, but why must we wait so long?  Why not maximize the the bounties of our founded home school freedoms and be different?  Why not embrace March break one entire week earlier than the rest of the mainstream educational society?  


And so it shall be!  I now declare March break to be the week of March 9th to 13th. There shall be no appointments. No school work.  And most importantly no unnecessary man-made stresses.  How lovely is that?!  But for now I wait.