I have a dream where we have a sweet cozy country home in the midst of nowhere. Nestled far from the hustle and bustle of town life.  Away from the materialization of modern amenities (with the exception of internet of course) and away from the corruptness of which our society has so rapidly been consumed.  A refuge.   I have a dream where we live primarily off the land. Where vast gardens fill our landscape and fruit trees decorate the horizon.  I see chickens and freshly laid eggs.  Perhaps a pig or two.  I see the kids living in nature and knowing nature.  Picking berries.  Climbing trees.  Doing things kids have always done and should continue to do.  I dream of a life where my husband is not away from the home fifty hours a week, but is instead with us where he should be.  I dream of the day where we can independently earn what we need for our basic needs rather than slave ourselves away for the financial gain of higher entities who care not about anything else but their own sole advancement.  

Life as it is, is not a life I wish to continue to conform too.  

I dream of a day where it is different.  I can see the dream as a reality.  

Another day gone by.  Another day closer to that new reality.